Thursday, October 29, 2009

Emerald Sprints

I picked up an Emerald Sprints flyer at one of the bike shops and I finally got around to checking out their website over breakfast this morning.  Check out the video from their “Pedal to the Metal” night last May.  Intense!

For the uninitiated – they have a nifty setup with two instrumented Kreitler rollers, which lets two bar patrons face off in a head-to-head sprint.  The fastest riders cover their course in about 18 seconds.  The bikes appear to be fixed gears but I can’t identify the gear ratio.  It is small enough to spin up quickly and also small enough that maximum cadence becomes a factor.  Just watch the video.

No word yet on when their next event might be…



  1. this is like goldsprints right?

  2. I can't tell from the photo, but is the front fork bolted down? If it is, they need to harden up and do it properly.

    We allow road / track bikes, gearing limited to 98", most run mid 90s, no shifting allowed.

    The Chooka Challenge is 4 laps of the dial in 1:01. Best effort anyone made was almost 3!

    Recent roller racing event my club held:

    My photos: