Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shutting ‘er down

After much thought and consultation on the topic, I have decided not to race at this Sunday’s Longhorn 70.3.  I will still be there on the sidelines, cheering my friends along and taking pictures.  I will be wearing my US Pro Tri tech tee from Mt Borah Custom so I should be easy to find if you happen to be at the race.

After a year where I probably traveled and raced a bit too much despite a few injuries, it recently became clear to me that I’m not in position to turn in a good performance at Austin and I am better off getting an early start on my off-season break.  This will let me jump into 2010 training that much sooner!

I *love* to get out and race, especially in my adoptive hometown, so this will be quite hard for me.  But I think it is a good growth experience for me, and hopefully a sign of maturity.

Don’t worry, everybody, I promise that my behavior will remain as immature as always!