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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Energy Legs!

For the past three years, intermittent lower back pain has turned the bike portion of my races into sort of a crapshoot.  But after years of repeated bike fit work, physical therapy and technique work on the bike, I think that I have finally figured out the right formula to stay comfortable on the bike.  I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this!

The key things for me have likely been:

  • yet another bike fit check-up, realizing in the process that my saddle had slid backwards a full inch
  • more time on the road bike, minimal time on the TT bike, given my ITU focus this year
  • switched over to the ISM Adamo saddle
  • two years worth of back/core strengthening work with lots of functional movement
  • targeted exercises for my hips & glutes
  • when things get difficult on the bike, be sure that I stay forward on the saddle and use my hips instead of my back … often using a higher cadence and spinning rather than mashing

All of this has added up to some confidence-enhancing rides at Whidbey Island, on the trainer and at RCR team rides. 

So in honor of my new-found energy legs, here is the infamous PowerThirst video.  Note that there is one item of foul language about 40 seconds in.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Triathlon at Pacific Grove – Extras

Here are a few more items from Saturday’s race.


Race video, courtesy of my homestay hosts, the Kintzes.


Chris and Friends at P.G. Tri, 2009 from The Kintzes on Vimeo.


Splits, as shown on the Tri-California website:

First Group: Fleischmann @ 19:59, Leto @ 20:00, Dahlz & Brandon @ 20:03
Second Group: Piland @ 20:53, Stephenson @ 20:54, Huerta @ 20:58, Brown @ 21:07, Tremonte @ 21:09
Third Group: Balzer @ 21:24, Plata @ 21:26
Young @ 21:59
Lockton @ 22:38
Rodic – not listed

T1: Dahlz @ 1:04, me @ 1:05, Flash @ 1:09, everybody else @ 1:11+ … I really made up some key time here

First Group: Fleischmann/Dahlz/Leto @ 1:22:25
Second Group: Huerta/Stephenson/Brandon @ +2:00. (Barrett had a rough T1 and lost the lead group.)
Third Group: Balzer/Tremonte @ +3:30
Piland @ +5:10
Fourth Group: Piland/Lockton @ +6:50
Plata @ doing his own thing
Rodic – not listed

T2: Leto @ :24, most of us @ :28-:32, a few above that


Run times looked a bit slower than usual, possibly due to fatigue after a windy bike … and possibly due to the wind continuing while we ran.  I felt pretty smooth/relaxed/fast out there but my time was 2:40 slower than last year.

0:32:36    Fleischmann, Brian
0:33:50    Brandon, Barrett
0:34:21    Leto, Kyle
0:34:27    Huerta, Manny
0:35:39    Dahlz, John
0:35:40    Stephenson, Jamie
0:36:45    Tremonte, Chris
0:36:46    Young, Scott
0:37:37    Brown, Brett
0:38:04    Piland, Jeffrey
0:38:05    Balzer, Matthew
0:39:58    Lockton, Andrew – stopped to deal with a hamstring cramp
0:50:45    Plata, Victor