Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’

As we prepare for this winter’s edition of the Austin Endurance Ranch I wanted to run through all of the planned recipes, so I’m inviting friends over every Thursday night to be my guinea pigs.

For our first effort two weeks ago, Courtenay and I made enchiladas and a salad while Ben “worked” on his laptop.  Here are the results:

Cooking the enchilada filling:


Filling the pan:


Salad in a pot, salad on a plate:

DSC01872  DSC01870

The finished product:


Ben helped eat:


This week I’ll be following the old Tremonte family recipe for pasta sauce.  This will be served over a choice of Zone or Cucina Fresca pasta, along with some fresh bread, salad, dessert… good times! 

I may try to throw in some Chicken Parmesan, too, if Bill the Butcher has some scavenger chicken in-stock tomorrow night.

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