Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last year's training volume

Since I have 3+ years of training logged in a spreadsheet, I figured it would be cool to add up some numbers and see how much I really train in an average week.  I was also curious about how this has changed over the years as I've focused more on the swim and run for draft-legal racing.  Here are my totals over the last three years, measured in hours per week since that is somewhat standard across the disciplines.  "Other" includes lifting, core strength exercises and non-SBR cardio.

  Swim Bike Run Other Total
2005 2.03 8.8 1.52 1.03 13.45
2006 2.93 7.71 2.71 1.05 14.39
2007 3.55 6.3 3.06 1.82 14.72

I expected to see my swim & run volume rising but was disappointed to see how much my bike volume has been dropping off. 

I'm not surprised to see my run volume double as I started training with Tom's group and consciously increased my mileage. But I had about 10 weeks in 2007 where I couldn't run because of injuries - in the weeks where I could run I averaged 3.8 hours or about 30 miles/week.

My "Other" volume was pushed up by all of the physical therapy that I've had to do with the injuries. 

The total weekly volumes are all a bit lower than I'd expected but recovery weeks are averaged in there, too...  I think that my "on" weeks are typically 14-17 hours in-season and 17-21 hours in the base-building period.  My max weeks during 2 or 3 high-volume camps have been about 25 hours. 

If you've been keeping logs, what are your typical & average weekly totals?  Post 'em to comments.

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