Monday, December 31, 2007

a short week

With the holiday last week I only had five days of training, but I was able to start running again!

  • 3 swims totalling 12300 yards
  • 3 bike rides totalling 140 miles
  • 3 runs totalling 7.5 miles
  • 3 strength training sessions

Despite a rainy forecast, I did a 4+ hour group ride on Saturday and a 3+ hour solo ride on Sunday without even a sprinkle.  But that's a bit more mileage than I've been doing lately so my resting HR was up to 50 this morning.  As a result, I'm taking 'er easy today.  My wake-up HR is usually more like 42-44 and any deviation of 10% or more is a sign that I need to back off.  Hopefully one easy/rest day will do it.

I'm hoping to do another 30-minute swim test and an aerobic threshold test on the bike this week or next.  Hopefully I've made some improvements since November.

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