Sunday, February 18, 2007

produce time again

It is Sunday and you know what that means - time to buy this week's load of delicious fruits and vegetables.  In an effort to branch out a bit more this week I went to the QFC in Woodinville where my uncle manages the produce department.  Aww yeah...

delicious produce

From the top, we have Fuji apples, a sweet chunk of pineapple (he showed me their coring machine in the back), four zucchinis, four texas pink/red grapefruits (sweeter than the florida kind), 3 organic yams, 3 cucumbers, some bell peppers (on sale!), a bunch of organic carrots, some organic bananas, a small pile of blueberries and two mangoes (also on sale!).  If I can figure out the recipe then we're gonna have Mango Sticky Rice tonight at the homestead.

Here is my training log from the last week.  On Tuesday Dr Adams advised me to not run or bike until we get my foot figured out.  I went in for an MRI on Tuesday night and I am eagerly awaiting my follow-up appointment to discuss the results.  Due to the Presidents Day holiday tomorrow I am stuck waiting until Tuesday.  I've been dealing with the forced downtime via a few coping mechanisms:

  • See the downtime as a healthy opportunity to not be so focused on all training, all the time... catch up on some household chores... I sepnt this morning pulling weeds!  Maybe pull out the guitar again a bit more regularly...
  • Keep doing "non-right-foot" exercises, like the handcycle at the gym, one-legging it on the exercise bike or indoor trainer, swimming with one-footed push-offs and lots of lifting.  Although I've been lifting somewhat regularly I don't think I'd been hitting it hard enough (or consistently enough) to get a real benefit.  These changes in my training should show some kind of results, just by getting my out of my normal routine.
  • I played poker at Tulalip with my friend Ashwin twice this week.  I generally go about once every month or two but without being able to put in the heavy training volume I have a bit more time and don't need as much sleep...  it sort of helps fill the void

So anyways, the log:

Tue: ez 2hr on Computrainer watching a movie - this was before I went to see the doc.  Masters swim in the evening, using only my left foot to push off

Wed: 30min of handcycle, upper body strength work, 2k swim w/ one-legged push-offs

Thu: an hour of one-legged biking on the exercise bike at the gym; lower-body lifting; 2k ez swim

Fri: another 30min on the handcycle; some core strength work; heavier upper-body lifting than I'd been doing; 2k shakeout swim

Sat: an hour on the computrainer at 125-150W, using just my left leg; 3k-ish swim with some moderate intensity

Sun: recovery day... some gardening and other household errands...

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