Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the diagnosis

So here is what they found on the MRI:

  • anterior tibialis tendon strain, roughly where the tendon attaches to the cuneiform bone
  • stress reaction in the cuboid, navicular and talus bones

So no stress fracture, but I am instructed to stay away from "running, skipping and jumping" until our follow-up in three weeks. 

Swimming should be okay although he recommended that I stick with my one-footed push-offs for now.  He said I could try some two footed but take it easy on the bad foot and keep in mind that healing is the top priority.

On the bike, he recommended that I ride on flat pedals (no clipping in) so that I can't "pull up" on the damaged tendon.  He also recommended that I stick with shorter, easier rides for now.  But at least I can ge outside again!

It looks like I won't be able to run at the UW Open Meet on 3/16 but it looks like I should be back in action in plenty of time for Wildflower.  Woohoo!

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