Monday, February 12, 2007

a week of training, a week of produce

Last week was a bit of an easier week since Jessi & I took a vacation to San Francisco.  It came at a good time since I was due for some recovery days and my right foot has been hurting since last Sunday's long run.  Anyhow, first the summary of last week, then the produce, then today's workouts.

Mon 5 Feb: 8-mile ez run in bridle trails

Tue 6 Feb: 9.5-mile ez run in bridle trails; masters swim workout

Wed 7 Feb: 45-minute ez spin on trainer; group run workout: 6x stairclimbs up Capitol Hill.  Roughly 300 stairs per rep.  Fun times!

Thu 8 Feb: 3k ez solo swim; airplane ride

Fri 9 Feb: 30min ez on the exercise bike, some strength work

Sat 10 Feb: fun ride on a rented tandem w/ Jessi - we went over the Golden Gate Bridge and whatnot...

Sun 11 Feb: ez 4-mile run with Jessi, some core strength work, another airplane ride

Sunday Night I made what is becoming my weekly Produce Run.  Every since reading Loren Cordain & Joe Friel's Paleo Diet for Athletes I've been eating a lot more produce.  So every week I buy about 10 pounds of whatever looks good.  Always lots of bananas... then usually some apples and oranges - Fuji apples have been good this year...  then maybe some pears or strawberries or avocados...  I may make the Produce Picture a weekly feature on here and see where it goes.


Alright, with that out of the way, today's workout:

Mon 12 Feb: woke up early to get in a 4500yd swim & 2hr bike ride before work...  then I got to buy a new set of tires for my car - they're more expensive than bike tires - and set up an appoinment with the doc tomorrow to check out my foot.  Hopefully it will be something minor that will heal quickly.

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