Friday, January 22, 2010

A Few Endurance Ranch Pictures

I haven’t been able to find a replacement cable for my camera and I’ve been super-busy with Endurance Ranch activities, but here a few quick pictures that I took with my cell phone this evening.  Camp has been *fantastic* so far and everyone seems to be having a great time.  Yesterday we did an epic 115-mile ride to Marble Falls and Cedar Park.  Our Endurance Ranch van has exterior speakers mounted in front, so the riders get to listen to music while they ride.  I’ll have some pictures of that to post in the next few days.

First up, here is the sign on our front door.  It is one of the Phil Liggett quotes that decorate the Phil Liggett Bedroom and a few other places in the house:

2010-01-22 17.24.34 

Next up, here are a few shots of our Endurance Ranch van.  I forgot to snap one of the rear or one of the speakers, but here is a taste:

2010-01-22 17.27.05 2010-01-22 17.27.18

We’ve been going through a lot of delicious and nutritious food here at the house.  Here is my shopping cart halfway through tonight’s trip:

2010-01-22 17.44.41

Our ride yesterday (115 miles, 8 riders) used up every water bottle we could find, plus a few gallon jugs and a ton of bars and gels and sandwiches and bananas and … afterwards we needed two loads in the dishwasher to wash everything:

2010-01-21 22.28.49

If you happen to get bored at the Ranch, we have a selection of biking- and running-themed books.  You can’t see “Born to Run” on the table right now because somebody is reading it at the moment.  But in general the books haven’t been used as we’ve been busy training, eating and learning from one another.

2010-01-22 17.26.20

Finally, a reminder of pacing yourself that each athlete sees when they exit our front door.  Again, this quote is courtesy of Phil Liggett:

2010-01-22 17.25.07

Much more to come, once I get my camera cable.  You can see a bit of running commentary about this week’s camp on Twitter here.

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