Monday, January 18, 2010

Austin Endurance Ranch: Day One!

I can’t seem to find the right cable to upload my pictures, but here is a quick update on how things are going so far at the Austin Endurance Ranch.  Everybody is resting peacefully right now (except for yours truly) after a satisfying first day.  Those of us who were in town early enjoyed a swim at Stacy Pool and a run around Ladybird Lake this morning.  Then once the rest of our campers arrived the whole gang (except tonight’s chef) went for a 25-30 mile ride to check out the view from atop Shepherd Mountain in northwest Austin.

Tonight’s chef was the talented and gracious John Kenny.  He stayed home during our ride in order to prepare a fabulous turkey dinner for the group – turkey with a brown rice stuffing, cranberry sauce, a mix of sauteed peppers… it was all fantastic!  He also made soup from the leftovers.

We picked up our campers from the airport in our super-sweet Endurance Ranch van.  I took a bunch of pictures today and I will upload them as soon as I can find the right connector cable.

The house looks great right now and I’d like to upload some pictures of our themed bedrooms.

The weather has also been fantastic so far.  Our swim was under party-sunny skies and then it was mostly sunny for our ride with temperatures in the sixties.  The forecast for the rest of this week looks very nice, too, with highs in the 70s most days.  In fact, as I write this at midnight the air outside is still 60 degrees.  Awesome.

I hope to post a bit more tomorrow, including some photos and some video from our handlebar-mounted camera.

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