Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in Action! Sort of…

starcrossed I officially start my 2010 training on 1/1.  How appropriate.  But this week I am starting to get moving again and ease into things, and I can barely contain my excitement!  I am limiting myself to one workout a day, more or less. 14-mile run at the Watershed on Sunday, 10 mile run in Bridle Trails on Monday, 1-hour masters swim yesterday, 2hrs on the trainer today … hour-ish run tomorrow morning, maybe hit the pool Thu or Fri … then a Recycled Cycles team ride on Saturday and a long run on Sunday!  It begins!!!

My swim yesterday was rather rough.  I had been out of the water for 46 days (not counting the ocean in Costa Rica) and my form and fitness felt ROUGH.  But it was kind of pleasant, really… I mean, I haven’t allowed myself to get this out-of-shape in at least five years, and I truly believe that this is a necessary form of letting the body recover.  I think that in the past I haven’t periodized my training enough … I’ve been so afraid of losing fitness that I’ve never let my body recover enough to truly peak at the big races.  This year will be different.  I hope.

To 2010!!


  1. thank you, sir! Friday was an easy day but yesterday was brutal. I slep 15 hours last night! Today will be similarly brutal. Good times.