Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feeling Good Again. Finally.

What a difference 8.5 hours can make. Tuesday I felt like I was dragging a bit during my workouts and at work. Wednesday was even worse. I was just flat. Low energy. Low motivation. I fought through my prescribed intervals and still put up decent times, but I just felt tired. I wanted to get to bed early last night but I had household stuff to take care of, like fixing up our wireless network so that the roommates can use the internet (and so my Tivo can get back to auto-recording the Tour de France!!).

But I managed to get 8.5 hours of sleep last night, woke up without the alarm around 7:30, got my swim workout in and made it to work before my 9:30am call.  Most importantly (are my priorities right?) I felt great in the water today.  The confidence is totally back. The workout was mostly short stuff (50s and 100s) and I had a lot of speed without a lot of effort.  Giggity goo!

I have three or four longer posts to finish and publish over the coming days – a write-up on my Nevada trip (complete with videos), some pages from the new Brooks shoe & apparel catalogs that I received last night, this weekend’s race in San Francisco, …

Oh, and if you are in France – look out for those Tremontane Winds.  I hear they’re killer…

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