Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tearing up the Track

After a winter where my main focus was building strength and efficiency on the bike, tonight was my first bona fide track workout in a very long time.  Luckily my friend Tony was willing to slow down and run a few intervals with me.  Here’s another article about Tony’s exploits.

My target was to run anywhere between 72-77 while just finding my legs again.  Tony was up for running “smooth 5k pace” on short rest, which for him was 72s.  So we ran 12 400s at 70-72 on 1:00 rest.  Then six cruise 200s.  Fun times.

I was pleasantly surprised with my ability to run that fast after not doing speedwork for so long, but now I’m just feeling shredded.  Luckily I can go to bed early tonight.  Unluckily I need to wake up at 6 tomorrow for “Indoor Cycling in Chris’s Garage” before an 8am meeting at work.


  1. everyone in the world is faster than me

    have fun in new orleans! make fun of loren for me! or be nice to him, either way.

  2. Power Sticks and I have a dinner date on Friday night. Woohoo!