Monday, March 16, 2009

Back in Seattle

After being out of town for 16 of the last 17 days, it is sort of nice to be back home again.  Sure, there are lots of chores to catch up on and I don’t get to see the sun very much … but there are other positives, right?

Austin was a great trip.  30k yards of swimming, 366 miles of biking, 78 miles of running and I almost got a sunburn.  The Chicago trip after that had a very different focus but it was great to see so much of my family and to catch up a bit with them.

Back here in Seattle, it is time to get ready for racing season.  New Orleans 70.3 is only three weeks away!  I have a bunch of new equipment from the US Pro Triathlon Team and I hope to be posting pictures of my new bike very soon.

I’ve already booked flights for my first two races – New Orleans (April 5th) and Wildflower (May 2nd).  I hear that fares are really coming down these days so I’m starting to look at travel plans for the 4-5 races after that.

I am also getting started with some informal “indoor cycling in Chris’s garage” sessions.  This is part of a larger project, to be announced in full at a later date.  But for now, if you’d like to work out in my garage before or after work some day then let me know.  I just finished setting up a sound system to complement the TV and Tivo.  Right now I have a CompuTrainer, a magnetic trainer and a set of rollers but I’ll soon be adding a Kurt Kinetic Rock N Roll trainer to the mix, too.  I also have two box fans to cool folks off, in case the crisp Seattle mornings aren’t already cold enough.  Luckily my dad, my uncle and my friend Kent helped me insulate the garage and put up drywall two summers ago.

This has been sort of a boring post, so here is a video that has nothing to do with triathlon.  I found this the other day when trying to locate an eclectic track to add to a mix CD that I’m making for my sister.  The video is a talent show bit where two friends dressed as Mario and Luigi play through the original Super Mario Brothers in about 6 minutes.  Good times.

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