Thursday, August 14, 2008

Training Camp Summary

Now that I am on my way back to Seattle, let's do a quick roll-up of what I did in Boulder.  The last three days were a bit light as I had to head out of town on business, so focusing on the first 3 weeks of the trip:

  • 18 swim sessions; 68k yards; much of this was long-course
  • 16 bike rides; 704 miles; two rides of 100+ miles and two more of 70+; Flagstaff repeats, a hard ride up Rist Canyon w/ Dave Messenheimer, "easy" rides up Left Hand, S St Vrain and N St Vrain Canyons, a day of T1 + first four minutes simulations, a few chill rides...
  • 16 runs; 150 miles; 5 Long Runs of 14.5-17 miles, including 2x2 or 3x2 tempo miles at progressively faster paces

I learned that this mix of heavier training and working a little less didn't give me any additional free time!  But I found that I was able to be productive working remotely so I expect to take similar trips in the future -- maybe winter in Kona or early Spring in Arizona...

Next up: this Sunday's Kelowna Continental Cup and then a few weeks of intensity and sharpening work leading up to Pacific Grove and Portland.

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