Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pac Grove

Today I effectively used a new strategy in draft-legal racing: I biked with the main group! 

The swim at today's Pacific Grove triathlon was a bit on the casual side but I positioned myself well and worked when I needed to work.  I got out of the water in the top ten and didn't lose too much ground climbing up to T1.  I had to work a bit out of transition to latch onto the bike group but once I was there I was able to relax a bit.  Thanks to my gracious homestay host, Patty Kintz, for taking the pictures below.

pg tri bike
It's a lot easier when you're in the group!

My 2007 Raleigh Prestige performed marvelously out there.  I love the stiffness of the chainstays - I really feel the bike jump ahead when I tap the pedals.  The carbon fiber gives a smoother ride than my old aluminum rig.  It's a pound or two lighter... and everything is brand new so it just feels clean and crisp and efficient.

A group of four got up the road towards the end of the second lap so the main field got organized (or at least tried to) and did some rotating pacelines for awhile.  There were a few guys accelerating too hard and there were a few guys getting blown off the back (or maybe trying to conserve for the bike).  In retrospect, those of us with minimal hope for winning the race should have made Victor and Thompson and Messenheimer do a bit more of the work.  But we are all Men of Honor, right?  You want to do your part...

My stomach was a bit unsettled at times on the bike and it got worse on the run.  Not sure exactly what I did to induce this problem... but I may try taking less caffeine next time around.  The scenery is always nice in PG, though... check this out:

pg tri run
I'm not moving all that fast but at least the view is nice.

After the race Mark Kintz and I drove over to the beach just to check out the surf.  It's really an awesome part of the country to live in - easy access to as much surfing and mountain biking as you can handle.  Maybe that's what drives the property values so high!  Heh...

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