Tuesday, August 7, 2007

working the bike...

Just a short post to log the last week+ of workouts.  Like I said 2-3 weeks ago, it's time for some heavy bike focus.  I did take a short break this weekend from training, however, to focus on some long overdue yard work.  Those of you in the greater Seattle area can check out my fabulously weed-free garden the next time you're at the house.

S 29 July: swim workout from Markie V; lifiting with Jessi

M 30 July: ez 2hr ride around Lk Samm including an "easy" trip up the Cougar Mountain Zoo hill - okay, there is no easy way to climb Zoo Hill but it was a recovery day so I'll say I rode easy

T 31 July: AM ride to Carnation & back including 10x3min hard... PM masters swim

W 1 Aug: ez run to Idylwood, short swim in Lk Samm, ez run back

R 2 Aug: AM swim with Ben Neuwirth - lots of power/sprinty/surgy work; PM Seward Crit. It was a tough day on the bike once I realized that I'd left my jersey at home, forcing me to do an 80-minute TT to make it to the race on time.

F 3 Aug: ez 2500 swim in Lk Samm before work

S 4 Aug: day off; 9 hours gardening

S 5 Aug: FootZone 5k - a bit of an off day - 16:40.  Surprising how much my hamstrings hurt from all that gardening... after the race I spent another 7-8 hours in the yard, with some help from my dad as we stained the deck... yeah!

M 6 Aug: 40 minutes EZ on the bike...

T 7 Aug: AM computrainer ride including 5x10min hard w/ 2min rest; PM will be a masters swim if all goes well at work today

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