Monday, May 14, 2007

swimming in Seattle

Here is a first crack at "good places to swim in the Seattle area." If this develops into something useful then I'll cross-post a more formal version to the Training section of my static site.

  * Idylwood Park: near NE 40th St & W Lk Samm Pkwy in Redmond.  Friday mornings in the summer were a common meeting time for triathletes last year.
  * Lake Sammamish State Park: on NW Sammamish Rd in Issaquah. 
  * Seward Park in Seattle
  * Madison Park in Seattle
  * Green Lake in Seattle
  * Pine Lake in the city of Sammamish
  * Beaver Lake, also in Sammamish
In the summer, the smaller lakes (Pine, Beaver, Green) tend to be a bit warmer than Sammamish or Washington, due to their shallower depth.

Public Pools:
  * eastside city pools: see for Bellevue, Kirkland and Issaquah pools
  * NWCenter pools: see for Mercer Island, Northshore (Bothell), Redmond and St Edwards (Kenmore/Juanita) pools
  * A good list of Seattle city pools is at  Of special note is the outdoor "long course" (50m) pool at Colman Park in West Seattle.  They're only open in the summer but it's a rather unique experience - salt water!

Masters teams:
  * The Pacific Northwest Association of US Masters Swimming has info on teams and meets at

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