Saturday, May 12, 2007

MacGyver, eat your heart out!

Went on a ride today with Rhae and crashed into an 8 yr old on Lake Washington Blvd.  It was the kid's fault, I swear!!

Later in the ride I broke a spoke... with the low-spoke-count Shimano R535 wheels we weren't sure whether I could get it true enough to limp home.  Plus neither of us had a spoke wrench...  but the chain breaker on my multitool had gaps that looked to be about the right size so I gave it a shot and... sure 'nuff I was able to turn the spokes.  It took a bit of fiddling to figure out the right way to turn 'em - the nuts are at the "hub" end as opposed to the "rim" end so I wasn't sure if the threading was the same... plus each pair crosses over.  But eventually I got the wheel true enough that it wouldn't hit the brake pads.  Then I used one of Rhae's hair bands to attach the broken spoke to its partner, ensuring that it wouldn't flop around on the way home.  The "repairs" held up and we made it all the way back.  Diggity diggity.

finished product

I had to unscrew the chain breaker all the way in order to get a good angle on the "gaps."  Maybe it was designed to do this after all...

impromptu spoke wrench in action

In other training news, I was back on the track this morning for a good hard workout.  Did 5x1k with Josh and Lance.  Averaged just under 5:00 mile pace, which was nice. 

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