Thursday, January 24, 2013

Northern California Pub N Pedal

In October I had the privilege of leading two Northern California Pub N Pedal trips for Bicycle Adventures. Most of you know that pubs and pedaling are two of my favorite things! These trips included daily visits to local microbreweries as we cycled through Northern California, from the Bay Area up through Ukiah. Here are a few photo highlights:

Van+trailer glamour shots:

WP_000853 WP_000766 WP_000778

Our Fearless Leader / Head Guide, Brad Gordon, hanging out at Korbel:


Tour of Korbel Champagne, complete with a free tasting of various dosages:

WP_000857 WP_000861 WP_000867

Riding in Northern California also means riding through the vineyard. I’ve ridden my bike in plenty of beautiful places, and the wine country is right up there with the best of them:

WP_000876 WP_000776

We saw beer everywhere we went:


We also saw llamas!

WP_000906 WP_000914 WP_000923

Anderson Valley was my favorite of all the breweries we visited:

WP_000927 WP_000928 WP_000931 WP_000932

We had lunch at a restaurant where patrons are encouraged to draw pictures while they wait for food, and some of the best end up on the menu covers.


Beth’s CafĂ© in Seattle also gives customers crayons and encourages customers to draw. The walls are covered in drawings. Beth’s is also the home of the twelve-egg omelet.


Our second Pub N Pedal trip included a visit to Biketoberfest Marin, which featured beers from 20+ breweries and a bunch of cool bikes. These featured bamboo frames. I also saw some sweet carbo bikes and trikes.

WP_000939 WP_000940

Bicycle Adventures guides pride ourselves in our artful cheese plates at our Wine & Cheese socials. I learned a few tricks from Randy Resch when we led an Oregon Coast Casual trip together:


View from the top of Mt Tam. I rode up there three times – once when we were scouting routes before the trips, then once on each of the two trips. Yay!

WP_000945 WP_000745 WP_000746

I am glad to see that they regulate their garbage in Northern California. I hate Unregulated Garbage.


Bodega Bay is rather picturesque. Cold and foggy, though…

WP_000728 WP_000733 WP_000735

The big board at Russian River Brewing, home of Pliny the Elder:


I parallel-parked the van into this space. Baller!


This one goes out to Seattle runner and Starbucks food scientist Chris Charles, a.k.a. the Cake Pop King! (Or is it Cake Pop Kid?)


On our way back to Seattle, we drove past the famous town of Weed, California. I can’t decide which of these highway signs is my favorite!

WP_000949 WP_000950 WP_000951 WP_000952