Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Training is Hard

I had a really solid week of training last week. I think that I am still recovering from it, to be honest. In a five-day span (Wed-Sun) I did three bike races, a running race and a very solid track workout. Great prep for Ishigaki, as long as I let myself recover a bit before race day!

Monday 5 April: easy 5000 yard swim

Tuesday 6 April: AM very hard swim, incl 5x(50 sprint, 150 chill)@3:00 going 29, 29, 28, 28, 27 for the 50s… then tried to go 15x100 @ 1:10 but was too beat up from the sprints, and had to bail after 10.  Easy run in the evening – an hour in Bridle Trails with Andrew & Travis.

Wednesday 7 April: easier-than-usual swim with Dave, saving something for the evening. PM – track workout. 4xMile on 90 seconds rest. 5:10 5:12 5:14 5:10. This was my best track workout of the year (so far) and I really needed it in order to bolster my confidence heading into Ishigaki.

Thursday 8 April: easy 2200 yard swim in the morning, then a Seward Park crit in the evening. I think that I finished 11th in the Cat 3/4 race. Solid. My power file showed that the race is basically 25 intervals – each time up the hill I had nice 5-second, 30-second and 60-second power numbers, then a short recovery, then do it again.

Friday 9 April: recovery day. ez 3100 yard swim in the AM, easy run at Bridle Trails in the PM

Saturday 10 April: two criteriums at Volunteer Park and a short brick run … then 2-3 hours of mountain biking at Duthie Hill, just for fun!

Sunday 11 April: Seahawk / Valley Medical Center 5k with Andrew and Travis.  We ran the whole race together and finished 1-2-3. Andrew was 1st in 16:25, then me at 16:29 and Travis at 16:31. We added on some easy miles afterwards to get in a 12-mile “long run.” I went home and took a two-hour nap, then dragged my tired butt to the pool for an easy 5000 yard swim. Very tired…

I tried to back off a bit on Monday and Tuesday (an easy swim, an easy run, a hard swim) then got back into it today with a tougher AM swim and an evening track workout. I was a bit weaker than last week, running 5x1200 on 90 seconds rest in 3:51 3:51 3:55 3:55 3:55… so a similar average pace but with shorter work segments on the same rest as last week … but I was definitely more fatigued going in, so I’m okay with that…


  1. Interesting looking sprint set on Tuesday, stole it for myself yesterday; sprints were comparable, but my hundreds started at 1:15 and ended at 1:20, not 1:10. Looks like I have some catching up to do!

  2. Those sprints took a lot out of me. I can't remember the last time that I went :27 from a push ... I like to think that I could have made 15x100 on 1:10 if I had been fresh.

    Rowing translates pretty well to cycling -- Dan Harm in Seattle, Jordan Rapp on thr tri scene ... even I got my "serious athletic" start in rowing, albeit as a coxswain.

  3. Yeah, I'm looking at finally getting a good bike to do some training on; I've got almost no experience on one. I've made such progress in running and swimming in the last 8 months that it would be ridiculous not to go for the full tri.

    Good luck!

  4. It has taken me awhile to get good (decent?) on the bike, but most rowers and swimmers make the transition a lot faster. Again, Jordan is a great example of this. Ben Collins is a great example on the swimmer side. The conventional wisdom is that if you already swim and run well, then it just takes time in the saddle to get good on the bike. USA Triathlon takes this approach when recruiting guys for the developmental national team, at least.