Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 Race Calendar

(updated 8 March 2010)

This year I am narrowing my focus in an effort to improve my results at ITU points races and to start working my way up the rankings for the 2012 cycle. Here is my plan for what I’ll race in 2010. Some of these are still tentative right now. The bold races are my opportunities to earn ITU points

Sunday 21 March: Seattle Rainman Indoor Triathlon (volunteer)

Saturday 1 May: Wildflower Long Course Triathlon (tentative)

Saturday 22 May: Ixtapa ITU Pan American Cup

Sunday 30 May: Capital of Texas Triathlon, elite race (tentative)

Sunday 6 June: Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium

Sunday 13 June: Gangweon Long Distance Triathlon Asian Championship

Saturday 26 June: Coteau du Lac Pan American Cup

Saturday 10 July: San Francisco ITU Pan American Cup

Sunday 18 July: BRI Triathlon at Seafair

Saturday 31 July: Federal Escape Triathlon

Sunday 22 August: Kelowna ITU Premium Pan American Cup

Sunday 29 August: San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz (tentative)

Wednesday 1 September: Mercer Island Aquathlon -- 1k swim + 8k run or 500+5k

Saturday 11 September: Triathlon at Pacific Grove

Saturday 18 September: Kirkland Triathlon (tentative)

Saturday 25 September: Tuscaloosa ITU Premium Pan American Cup, USA Nationals

Saturday 2 October: Scott Tinley’s Adventures Long Course Triathlon (tentative)

Sunday 3 October: Puerto Vallarta ITU Pan American Championships (tentative)

Saturday 13 November: Roatan ITU Pan American Cup (tentative)

Training is going well so far. I did a lot of volume while I was in Austin and now I am starting to add a bit of intensity while cutting down on volume. Hanging around an office for eight hours/day doesn’t leave much time for 100-mile bike rides!


  1. hey chris, i'm doing most of the trical races. the treasure island race is an ITU race?? i'll proceed to freak out now.

  2. please come to WF so we can be roomies again!

  3. Hey Kelly -- The elite race at Treasure Island will be an ITU Continental Cup again this year. The ITU, USAT and Tri-California are all saying this. The age-group races will continue to be non-drafting races, with an Olympic-Distance race on Saturday and a Sprint on Sunday.

    I'm not sure how strong the field will be for the ITU race this year. There aren't a lot of Continental Cups in the USA this year ... but the prize purse is small and there is no London 2012 bonus money ... so I would expect a large field of mostly middle-tier athletes. The top guys won't get enough prize $$ to be worth their while, plus WCS Hamburg is the same day. But lots of up-and-comers and hopefuls will be trying to rack up ITU points ... and somebody good might cherry-pick it again.

  4. Wildflower ... always a fun weekend and I am still tempted to go as a training + social weekend, but I shouldn't expect to be competing for the prize money based on my training focus.