Friday, December 11, 2009


Last night we did another Austin Endurance Ranch prep dinner.  This week’s main course was fajitas, including meats from Bill the Butcher and tortillas that we made ourselves, from scratch.  We also had a bit more Tremonte & Son’s Fine Ale, a giant salad, chips and salsa, margaritas and a few desserts.  Good times.

Ashwin handled the cooking of the flank steak:


I got to demonstrate the proper technique for dividing dough and rolling tortillas.  At the height of our tortilla-rolling frenzy our little sweatshop had five forced laborers working for their dinner:

PC100499 PC100500  PC100492

We need to work on using that “red eye reduction” setting on the camera… Myk looks like he is about to come for your soul.

Courtenay and Loren worked on the salad:

PC100494 PC100497

Two of us are hard at work.  One of us is hard at work opening his beer:


No Pomerians were harmed in the cooking of this dinner.  “No, I didn’t bring the Pomeranian bowling.  I didn’t rent it shoes.  I didn’t buy it a beer.  It’s not gonna take your turn!”


All of the rolling and cooking took a bit longer than expected, so by the time the food was ready everybody was very eager to eat:

PC100508 PC100509 PC100510 PC100511 PC100512

We finished off with a variety of desserts.  Ritz made these oat-berry bars and Ashwin brought some fresh berries and a chocolate cake.


Sadly we didn’t get a photo of the awesome salsa that Nat made for us.  We put it out with the chips as an appetizer and it disappeared quickly, despite the generous portion.  It was a green salsa with a delayed but powerful kick.  Tasty!

Loren wears his sponsor gear everywhere he goes, just in case.  Sort of reminds me of Barrett and Andrew and their PowerBar Team Elite gear that they wear *everywhere.*  The first day that I met Andrew he was ironing PowerBar patches onto everything that he owned.


Ben discovered the “creepily lit self portrait” settingon my new camera:


He also discovered the “two goofy guys gazing off into space” setting:


Of course, nobody could be as goofy as that goober in the pink hat.  But check out his awesome t-shirt!  It is made of bamboo!


If you haven’t booked your Austin Endurance Ranch trip yet, you are missing out on some mighty fine grubbin’.

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