Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Night of Eating Victoriously

Tonight’s Austin Endurance Ranch preview dinner was once again packed with good times and good company, and featured the following menu:

Brisket -- brined and smoked by you-know-who, then finished at home according to his instructions

Couscous & Fruit Salad -- recipe from Lindsay Cotter, but substituted quinoa for couscous

Romaine/Tomato/Feta Salad -- our Minister of Salad was a bit under the weather and had to bail, so we had to do this ourselves based on her instructions

Sweet Potato and Cabbage Coleslaw -- another Lindsay Cotter recipe

Collard Greens -- I found a vegetarian recipe online with no hamhocks

Cornbread -- following the mix/box on this one. I've gotta cut corners *somewhere!*

vegetarian baked beans from a can at the grocery store

Brownies and Tiramisu -- courtesy of Susan and Dave

Mac & Jack's African Amber -- 2 growlers, picked 'em up yesterday at the brewery

We have a few friends bail at the last minute, leaving a lot of extra food for our crowd of five people … but everybody pitched in with preparations and we sat down to eat very close to 8pm.

The main course:

IMAGE_008  IMAGE_012

The collard greens were a crowd favorite.  Here are the before and after cooking pictures.  You can actually see the edges of the pot sneaking out from under the raw pile o’ greens:

IMAGE_001  IMAGE_005

Giant salad.  It is hard to grasp the giantness in this picture.  This salad is in a party-sized punch bowl:


Gluten free corn muffins with a honey butter dipping sauce.  My cell phone camera can’t quite capture the awesomeness that is honey butter.  Check out that glare!

IMAGE_007  IMAGE_009

Quinoa with fruit and almonds and all that awesomeness:


The sweet potato and Savoy cabbage slaw gets a bit of a kick from the jalapeno:


Vegetarian baked beans.  You can’t eat BBQ without baked beans!


A tasty liquid accompaniment to our meal, brewed right down the street in Redmond:


Dessert!  Brownies and tiramisu!


I am exhausted after another awesome early-morning workout, a busy day at work, and an awesome evening of cooking/eating/conversation.  Time to go to bed.

If you like what you’re seeing foodwise, join us for a training camp in Austin this winter.  Yay!


  1. That's a small salad by my standards. Did i not fill that puppy to the brim once or thrice whilst i was there?

    Looks like a fantastic spread. Bummer i missed out.

  2. dude, that is the giant plastic punch bowl from on top of the fridge -- at least two feet in diameter. I can't remember if that's what we used when you were here. It might be... but this was two bags of romaine (6 heads) and all the other fixins... lots of salad!

    Sushi Night this week! It's gonna rawk!