Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Blog!

My GoDaddy/CommunityServer blog seems to have bitten the dust earlier this week so I am starting anew here on Blogger. I will try to migrate some of the old content over but there is an "easy part" and a "hard part" to that task:

  • Anything that I wrote in Windows Live Writer should be easy to re-post, although I will lose comments
  • Anything that I wrote directly on the site and any comments *should* be retrievable from my DB on GoDaddy but that could involve a lot of effort without a lot of payoff.

Sadly there isn't an easy way to post a redirect to a defunct blog, so if you're in regular contact with any folks who may have been regular readers on the old site then please let them know about the new URL. I'll probably send a blast mail once I'm really up and running in my new home -- i.e. once I have some non-trivial content up here on Blogger.

I have a backlog of Nutrition ideas to write about, and also a few developments on the training/racing side of things -- a blood lactate test, an upcoming training camp and some 2009 sponsors. So welcome (back) and thanks for reading!

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