Sunday, December 21, 2008

When driving isn't safe...

We've gotten close to a foot of snow over the last week in Seattle and very few roads have been plowed.  So when I needed to pick up a few things at the office today, I took the only logical approach:

IMAGE_554 - Copy

I took this in the reflection of the door at my building -- as a sort of proof that I made it there. 

I've never done much cross-country skiing so it was quite an adventure.  I found that some of the medium-traffic roads had a great packed-down surface for skiing -- Old Redmond Rd was fantastic, for examples.  148th Ave would have been pretty good, too, but there were too many cars.  The snow on residential roads was often a bit too deep, especially with the little crust that formed on top of the snow overnight.  The 520 trail was good in places where the crust was already broken up...  and the 148th Ave sidewalk was great after the plow came through and piled up some loose, wet snow on the sidewalk.

Here is what 148th Ave (a pretty major thoroughfare) looked like on Friday morning on the way to work.  It was basically the same today -- they only plowed south of 46th St.


The best thing that I saw today was this 6-foot high igloo in somebody's front yard:


I hope that I gave a few drivers a story to tell when they saw me heading the down the road on skis!

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