Friday, July 25, 2008

Boulder Rocks!

r-miller I've been living the high life for three days now and I have to say that it's gorgeous out here.  Lots of mountain views, bike lanes and sunshine.  They do seem to get a few more afternoon T-storms than I'm accustomed to but you can plan around 'em.

So far I've done a few runs on the South Boulder Creek trail -- dirt surface, not too many rocks, gentle grade...  I've been swimming at Mark's favorite spot, Scott Carpenter Pool.  It's a 50m outdoor pool, which is a nice change of pace for me.

I've biked to the Northeast (Longmont), the Southeast (portions of the Coors Classic course) and today the Northwest -- I hit up the steady 16-mile climb through Left Hand Canyon.  The first 15 miles are a steady 4-6% grade and then the last mile kicks up.  You're at 9000 feet of elevation by then and you've been climbing for over an hour, but at least you have delicious cookies to look forward to at the General Store in Ward.

I took a few pictures during yesterday's ride, so here are a few beerless pictures to feast your eyes upon:


The Flatirons, looking west from from Clovervale Rd.  These mountains are very close to downtown Boulder -- it is hard to see how close from this picture -- and are often used as a symbol of the town.


The Flatirons again, this time from the corner of routes 128 & 93.


You shouldn't try to take pictures of yourself while riding... it really isn't safe...

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