Saturday, May 10, 2008

Training update: running is hard

I've been shying away from listing my training details on this blog after reading Greg's comments about how boring these posts tend to be.  But I *am* one of those people who is "obsessed with how other triathletes are training" and I know that I'm not alone in that obsession, so here is a little guilty pleasure for both of us.

Today I was unsure whether I had an evening 5000M running race on the track or a morning 10-mile tempo run but I knew that either would be hard.  I went to running group in the morning for either a shakeout or a workout.  I'd pestered Mike, Lance and Carl throughout warmup about our 10-mile tempo run and they figured I was joking.  They were right, sort of -- Tom only gave us a 9-mile tempo run -- the first 6 at 5:40-5:45, the next 2 at 5:24-5:26 and the final mile sub-5:20.  I expected those last three miles to be challenging and they didn't let me down, but I'm happy to say that I hit all the target times with a difficult 5:18 to close it out.

Most of the rest of this week was recovery from Wildflower -- ez spin Monday, masters swim Tue night, ez treadmill run on Wed....  then the Thursday Night World Championships w/ a brick run on Thursday night, an ez swim Friday and today's run followed by a swim.  Tomorrow I plan to do some long intervals on the bike.

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