Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Running groups in Seattle

A co-worker was asking about training for a half-marathon so I figured I would put together a consolidated list of running groups in Seattle and on the East Side.  NW Runner magazine has the most comprehensive list of weekly runs that I have seen.  The current list is at  If that gets to be out of date, you should be able to find an updated one in the Community --> Resources area on their site.  Some specific groups that I have run with:
  * The Eastside runners have Mon, Wed, Thu and Sat runs:  John Sweeney leads the track workouts on Wednesday evenings at 6pm at Lake Washington HS.
  * A few groups tend to collide at the Redmond Watershed park on Sunday mornings at 8am.  I've seen the Run 26 crowd there ( and I've also gathered that a FootZone group is often there (
  * Tom Cotner leads a track group on Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the Woodland Park Oval, near Green Lake.  This is my regular group for speedwork - lots of runners at a range of ability levels (from "reasonably fast" to "really smokin' fast") and Tom is a great coach.  He also hosts Saturday morning runs that may be at the WOodland Park Oval or sometimes at other locations (Roosevelt HS, Volunteer Park) depending on the workout...

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