Thursday, March 29, 2007

you can't make this stuff up...

During my run yesterday I was repeatedly chased by a pair of 4-year-old girls who wanted to "slap my butt." 

I was running laps around a soccer field near my house where there is a safe, consistent surface for my rehab running.  There were a bunch of women practicing on the soccer field so I reckon these two girls belonged to two of the players.  For my first 8 or so laps they pretty much ignored me but when I stopped to stretch a little they started wandering over with a bit of childlike curiosity... nothing unusual there...  then one of 'em started creeping around behind me and telling the other "you gotta slap his butt."  I figured it was time to get running again and popped off my next five laps at a faster pace, yet every time I passed that corner of the track they'd start chasing me again: "You gotta slap his butt. C'mon!"

At least I'm outside running again!

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